Stock market and earnings

Stock market earnings

What drives really stock market and stock prices?Earnings are very important.And profitability also as the more profitable a company the better is for its stock,as long as valuation is not extreme and above the intrinsic value of the stock.

Stock market news of the day a merger deal

Stock market news

According to the following source a deal between Pfizer and Allergan is being cancelled.Deals like that move the stock market significantly.Some reasons of why this deal is off are important.Lets watch the reaction of these 2 stocks.–sector.html

Stock Forecast Toolbox

Stock market

Are there any stock market forecast toolbox?It is tough and not easy to predict stock market direction.Stocks go up,down,sideways.But there are some algorithmic stock forecasts based on qualitative investment analysis.Do they work?
We have not tested them.