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Stock market news for January 13, 2022


Stock market news today. A selloff for tech stocks, Nasdaq lost 381 points, closed below 15,000 level. The closing numbers for the US stock market today are:

S&P 500: 4,659.03,-67.32(-1.42%)
Dow 30: 36,113.62,-176.70(-0.49%)
Nasdaq: 14,806.81,-381.58(-2.51%)
Russell 2000: 2,159.44,-16.62(-0.76%)

Stock market news for January 10, 2022


Latest stock market news today January 10, 2022. A lower close for the US stock market, Nasdaq closed flat and outperformed. The closing for the US stock market today are:

Stock market news today

“Stocks sank on Monday, with technology stocks under renewed pressure as investors anticipated higher interest rates this year and looked ahead to several economic data and earnings reports later this week.

The S&P 500 dropped more than 2% at session lows to add to losses after the blue-chip index closed out its first week of trading for the new year in the red. The Nasdaq Composite fell following its worst week since February 2021. The Dow also fell. Other risk assets also came under pressure, and Bitcoin prices fell below $40,000 for the first time in about four months.

Treasury yields climbed, and the benchmark 10-year yield topped 1.8% to reach its highest level since January 2020.

“The surge in rates since early December has crushed the valuation of stocks with high growth and low margins, but a well-ordered progression of Russell 3000 stocks implies further repricing,” Goldman Sachs chief equity strategist David Kostin wrote in a note.

“We have previously shown the speed of rate moves matters for equity returns,” Kostin added. “Equities typically struggle when the 5-day. or 1-month change in nominal or real rates is greater than 2 standard deviations. The magnitude of the recent yield qualifies as a 2+ standard deviation event in both cases.”

The move higher in yields and volatility across U.S. equities came after the release of the Federal Reserve’s December meeting minutes mid-last week. These suggested some central bank officials were eyeing a quicker start to interest rate hikes and balance sheet runoff process than many market participants had expected. Goldman Sachs economists now predict the Fed will raise interest rates four times this year — or one time more than the firm previously expected — and that the central bank’s balance sheet reduction will begin in July or earlier.”

Stock market data: Yahoo Finance

Stock market news for January 7, 2022


Latest stock market news for January 7, 2022. Another lower close for the US stock market in 2022. Small-cap stocks underperformed. The closing numbers for the US stock market follow.

S&P 500: 4,677.03,-19.02(-0.41%)
Dow 30: 36,231.66,-4.81(-0.01%)
Nasdaq: 14,935.90,-144.96(-0.96%)
Russell 2000: 2,179.81,-26.56(-1.20%)

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Stock market news for January 5, 2022


A selloff today for the US stock market. Nasdaq lost 522 points underperforming. Dow Jones lost 392 points. The closing numbers for the US stock market today follow. Read the latest stock market news.

S&P 500: 4,700.58,-92.96(-1.94%)
Dow 30: 36,407.11,-392.54(-1.07%)
Nasdaq: 15,100.17,-522.54(-3.34%)
Russell 2000: 2,194.00,-74.87(-3.30%)

Stock market news today

“Technology stocks came under renewed pressure on Wednesday while the Dow Jones Industrial Average pulled back from a fresh record high, with investors turning away from tech and growth stocks in anticipation of higher rates. 

The S&P 500 declined to pull back further from Tuesday’s record intraday high. The Nasdaq underperformed against the other two major equity indexes. Apple (AAPL) shares built on losses from a day earlier, bringing the stock back down further. after reaching a $3 trillion market capitalization for the first time ever at the start of the week. 

Investors eyed the meeting minutes from the Federal Open Market Committee’s (FOMC) December meeting, which suggested the central bank was considering a faster removal of its monetary policy accommodation than previously anticipated. Policymakers suggested that against the backdrop of a firming economic recovery and elevated inflation, interest rates could rise sooner than anticipated. And some policymakers also telegraphed they would opt for shrinking the Fed’s balance sheet soon thereafter. 

“Participants generally noted that, given their individual outlooks for the economy, the labor market, and inflation, it may become warranted to increase the federal funds rate sooner or at a faster pace than participants had earlier anticipated,” the minutes said. “Some participants also noted that it could be appropriate to begin to reduce the size of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet relatively soon after beginning to raise the federal funds rate.” 

Investors Wednesday morning also digested fresh upbeat economic data, as private payroll gains handily exceeded estimates for December. ADP said Wednesday that private sector employers added back 807,000 jobs during the final month of November, nearly doubling expectations as job growth picked up to help alleviate some labor shortages.

In the first few trading days of the new year, investors have piled into cyclical areas of the market, with shares of companies seen as the biggest beneficiaries of a firming economic recovery and rising interest rates outperforming. The energy, financials and industrials sectors outperformed in the S&P 500 on Tuesday, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average composed heavily of cyclical stocks rose by more than 200 points to set an all-time closing high. “

Stock market data: Yahoo Finance 

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Stock market news for January 4, 2022


Latest stock market news today. Dow Jones outperformed, Nasdaq underperformed, a mixed close for the US stock market. How did the US stock market close today?

S&P 500: 4,793.54,-3.02(-0.06%)
Dow 30: 36,799.65,+214.59(+0.59%)
Nasdaq: 15,622.72,-210.08(-1.33%)
Russell 2000: 2,268.87,+23.56(+1.05%)

Stock market new today

“The Dow Jones Industrial Average set another closing record on Tuesday at 36,799.45 points after upbeat economic data powered the index forward as investors bet on a strong recovery. Tech stocks faltered to drag the Nasdaq down 1.3%, and the S&P 500 was mostly unchanged.

Investors mulled a trove of new prints out of Washington, including a fresh read on the ISM Manufacturing Index and the Labor Department’s latest job openings.

Releases from ISM showed manufacturing slowed in December on a cool down in demand for goods, but that supply chain constraints are starting to ease. On the employment side, data showed demand for workers was historically high in November again as labor shortages continue to strain employers, though the impact of the latest virus wave has yet to show.

“Looking ahead, the Omicron variant wave will likely lead to some short-term weakness in the labor market,” Sam Bullard, senior economist for Wells Fargo, wrote in a note published earlier this week. “However, we believe this will be temporary and that the pace of hiring should pick back up by the spring.”

Despite a mixed day, markets have made headway overall, picking up right where they left off in a banner 2021 to trade near all time highs into the new year. The pace of that momentum, however, remains at the helm of the Federal Reserve as it gears up for potential rate hikes as soon as this quarter to deal with rising inflation.”

Stock market data: Yahoo Finance

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Stock market news for January 3, 2022


A higher close for the US stock market on the first trading session of 2022. All major stock indexes closed higher, small-cap stocks outperformed. How did the US stock market close today? Here are the closing numbers.

S&P 500: 4,796.56,+30.38(+0.64%)
Dow 30: 36,585.06,+246.76(+0.68%)
Russell 2000: 2,272.56,+27.24(+1.21%)

Stock market news today

“U.S. stocks hovered near record highs on Monday, as investors built on momentum from last week into at least the first session of the new year. The S&P 500, Dow and Nasdaq each advanced.

U.S. equities posted another year of solid gains in 2021, rising by 27% and delivering a rare third consecutive double-digit annual percentage increase. Within the S&P 500, the energy and real estate sectors outperformed, gaining more than 42% each during the year for these sectors’ best annual gains on record.

Still, the blue-chip index’s robust overall rise was powered on a stock-by-stock basis by just a handful of mega-cap names. According to Goldman Sachs analyst David Kostin, the five largest components of the S&P 500 (or Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google) together returned 37% last year – and now constitute about 23% of the entire index.

“In 2022, variables associated with earnings and valuation will determine the performance of the S&P 500 index and its underlying constituents,” Kostin wrote in a note Monday. He expects the index to rise another about 7% to end 2022 at 5,100, with his outlook one among several Wall Street predictions calling for a gain to more than 5,000 for the S&P 500 this year.

“From an earnings perspective, decelerating economic growth will limit sales gains for many companies. Consequently, stock return dispersion will be most evident when viewed through the margin channel,” Kostin added. “Stocks with high labor cost ratios and exposure to wage inflation will likely underperform.”

But for the S&P 500 as a whole, a 27% rise and 29% total return this past year bodes favorably for the coming period. In the 71 years spanning back to 1950, when the S&P 500 posted a total return of 25% or more in a year, stocks rose 82% of the time the next year, according to data from Truist Advisory Services co-chief investment officer Keith Lerner. However, the magnitude of returns could moderate.”

Stock market data: Yahoo Finance

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US stock market performance in 2021


How did the US stock market perform in 2021? It was a year with strong gains for all major US stock indexes. These are the closing numbers on December 31, 202,1, and the performance for the full year 2021.S&P 500 outperformed in 2021 and Dow Jones underperformed.

Stock market performance in 2021

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average: 36,338.30, +18.73%
  • S&P 500 Index: 4,766.18, +26.89%
  • NASDAQ Composite Index: 15,644.97, +21.39%
  • Stock market data: MarketWatch

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Breaking stock market news December 31, 2021


Latest stock market news. Tesla recalls almost half a million electric cars over safety issues.

“Tesla Inc is recalling more than 475,000 of its Model 3 and Model S electric cars to address rearview camera and trunk issues that increase the risk of crashing, the U.S. road safety regulator said on Thursday.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been discussing another camera issue with the automaker, while probing the company’s driver assistant system.

The model years affected in the recall range from 2014 to 2021, and the total number of recalled vehicles is almost equivalent to the half a million vehicles Tesla delivered last year.

Around 200,000 Tesla vehicles will be recalled in China, the country’s market regulator said on Friday.

The U.S. electric vehicle manufacturer is recalling 356,309 2017-2020 Model 3 vehicles to address rearview camera issues and 119,009 Model S vehicles due to front hood problems, the federal regulator said.

Tesla could not be reached for comment.

For Model 3 sedans, “the rearview camera cable harness may be damaged by the opening and closing of the trunk lid, preventing the rearview camera image from displaying,” the NHTSA said.

Tesla identified 2,301 warranty claims and 601 field reports regarding the issue for U.S. vehicles.”

Stock market data: Yahoo Finance

This recall is bad news for Tesla and its stock. TSLA stock is up 51.68% in 2021. Other than a hit to its brand name related to reliability as a premium EV automaker the additional costs for this recall are expected to be significant.

Stock market futures

At 5:06 AM ET Time, Friday, December 31, 2021, the US stock market futures are flat.

S&P Futures: 4,767.75,-4.50(-0.09%)
Dow Futures: 36,266.00,-25.00(-0.07%)
Nasdaq Futures: 16,409.75,-20.50(-0.12%)
Russell 2000 Futures: 2,244.00,-2.90(-0.13%)

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Stock market news December 30, 2021


The US stock market closed lower today, little changed. The closing numbers for the US stock market today follow.

S&P 500: 4,778.73,-14.33(-0.30%)
Dow 30: 36,398.08,-90.55(-0.25%)
Nasdaq: 15,741.56,-24.65(-0.16%)
Russell 2000: 2,247.95,-1.29(-0.06%)

Here is the latest stock market news.

Stock market news

“In an abrupt reversal, markets closed down on Thursday in the penultimate session of 2021 as a thinly-traded last week of the year for Wall Street comes to a close.

Investors mulled fresh jobs data out of Washington and rising cases of COVID-19 across the globe, which hit a record earlier this week in the latest wave of the virus, driven by the Omicron variant. Studies have shown that the strain, though more transmissible than previous ones, may cause milder disease and is less likely to lead to hospitalizations.

The developments on Omicron have helped markets largely shake off earlier concerns after a volatile December. Instead, inflation and potential moves by the Federal Reserve to mitigate surging prices, are expected to be front-and-center for investors heading into the new year.

“What’s not changed is the focus on inflation, that’s the biggest risk,” Brigg Macadam Founding Partner Greg Swenson told Yahoo Finance Live.

“I’m not worried about COVID at this point,” he said. “I think we’re past the worst phase of that, but we have inflation now.”

With inflationary pressures encouraging a more hawkish Federal Reserve, the composition of the policy-setting Federal Open Market Committee will play a key role in dictating the pace of interest rate hikes in 2022. The Biden administration is set to name its picks for three vacant seats on the central banks role Board of Governors next year.

Meanwhile, on the jobs front, the Labor Department released its latest report on initial and continuing jobless claims. First-time unemployment filings fell further from last week’s reading, coming in at 198,000 — below the expected 206,000. Earlier in December, jobless claims fell to 188,000 — its lowest level since 1969.

The claims, which fell by 8,000 from the previous week’s reading, mark the second lowest print during the pandemic and signal continued recovery in the labor market as high demand for workers pours into the new year.

While markets mostly powered on in Thursday’s session, travel stocks were impacted by virus-related developments.”

Stock market data: Yahoo Finance

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Stock market news for December 29, 2021


How did the stock market close today? S&P 500 and Dow Jones closed at record highs. Nasdaq underperformed.

S&P 500:4,793.06,+6.71(+0.14%)
Dow 30: 36,488.63,+90.42(+0.25%)
Nasdaq: 15,766.22,-15.51(-0.10%)
Russell 2000: 2,249.24,+2.74(+0.12%)

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