2016 July

26 Jul: Companies releasing earnings reports today 26/07/2016

Stock market earnings season Many companies will release their quarterly earnings today 26th July 2016 so stock market could see volatility. Some of the major companies they will release earnings today are 3M Company (MMM),Akamai Technologies, Inc. (AKAM) ,Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (ATI) and the much anticipated Apple Inc. (AAPL). Source : http://www.nasdaq.com/earnings/earnings-calendar.aspx Earnings can either have a dramatic up or down move to stocks prices depending on estimates and surprises.

25 Jul: Buying stocks when their price is falling is almost always a good idea

Buying stocks in the stock market when their price is falling is almost always a good idea.Almost not always.The idea is to buy low,sell high.For example Apple AAPL tomorrow will release the quarterly earnings and results.For now it is down at 97.33 -1.35%. If earnings are good then an up move is very likely.But there is always the risk of earnings not meeting expectations.In any way buying at lower prices stocks seems a very reasonable investing strategy.

25 Jul: Verizon buys Yahoo but Yahoo stock falls today

Verizon buys Yahoo but Yahoo stock falls today.According to source Yahoo Finance Verizon buys Yahoo for $4.8B.Still Yahoo stock is down today.Currently YHOO stock is trading at 38.46 down 2.34% while Verizon stock,VZ is trading at 55.82 down 0.50%. In many cases not always the stock of the target like YHOO rises and the stock of the acquirer falls.But not today,exception in the stock market.

22 Jul: 3 Questions To Ask Before Buying Or Selling A Stock

3 questions for any stock market decision What are 3 questions to ask before buying or selling a stock?There could be more than just 3 but here are the most basic to start with. 1.What are the fundamentals 2.What are the technicals 3.Is it the proper timing to buy or sell As major US indices are now at very high prices making daily even new highs some caution is required. If you make your research and find some overpriced stocks then maybe it is a good time to sell if you have compelling arguments that support your analysis. If you plan to buy some stocks then more caution is required. Waiting for lower prices,after a small or larger dip or correction seems more reasonable. And timing is so important in any decision. You may be correct in your analysis but bad timing may stop you out. Be patient. Another factor…