2016 December

29 Dec: Top reasons to invest in high dividend yield stocks

Stock market investing Top reasons to invest in high dividend yield stocks. High dividend yield stocks can be an attractive investing choice in the stock market. They offer income and cash while if they are undervalued relative to their intrinsic or fundamental value, the return can be substantial compared to risk taken. The basic advantages of investing in high dividend yield stocks 1.Sustainable income, cash to provide liquidity and help in financial planning in advance. Ability to cover expenses, holidays, gifts, or even larger financial choices such as a loan payment. Sustainable income is not an absolute term however, pending to economic and financial performance of the company and profitability. 2.Stocks with high fundamental analysis score and a high quality dividend are often safe and have lower volatility. 3.An average dividend annual yield of 10% is equal to doubling your initial capital investment in less than 8 years. Assuming there…

12 Dec: 5 interesting facts about stock market financial analysis

Stock market financial analysis 5 interesting facts about financial analysis. Yes stock market financial analysis is exiting and not easy.many analysts tend to favor buy ratings on stocks,some financial analysts guess,financial analysts could be parrots in some cases,target prices are somehow tough to focus on and a lot of times analysts do not just invest their own money to their recommendations unless they work for an asset management company. These are all interesting facts about stock market and stock investing.

08 Dec: Exchange Traded Funds Investing

Investing with Exchange traded Funds Exchange-Traded Funds Are an Interesting Way to Invest. Reading this article about ETFs on FT.com and systemic risks it is interesting and worthwhile to refer to some of the advantages and disadvantages of Exchange traded funds. As the article mentions, ETFs have gained a lot of popularity during last years as a new form of passive investing. There are many categories of ETFs offering both flexibility and the freedom for a passive investor to choose what type of investment to focus on. From popular commodities such as oil and gold to major indices such as S&P 500 or Nasdaq ETFs allow to any investor to follow the moves without worrying too much about individual stock picking. Major advantages of ETFs: 1. Invest in a wide range of assets at any time on a daily basis, buy or sell 2. Passive investing, capturing the return of…