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Becoming a Stock Market Millionaire

How do you become a millionaire on the stock market?

10 Steps to Becoming a Stock Market Millionaire
Focus on Hot Stocks Hitting New Highs. …
You Can Buy and Short Sell. …
Cut Your Losses Quickly. …
Don’t Be Afraid to Take Partial or All Profits. …
Embrace New Technologies. …
Stick With Liquid Stocks. …
Don’t Believe Anything the Stock Says. …
Don’t Diversify and Don’t Use Leverage


10 Steps To Become The Next Stock Market Millionaire

1. Set Your Focus on Hot Stocks Setting New Highs

2. Don’t Be Shy: Buy and Short Sell

3. Don’t Wait to Cut Losses

4. It’s OK to Take Partial or Full Profits

5. New Technologies Are Your Friend

6. Liquid Stocks Are Best

7. Look At the Stock’s Actions, Not Words

8. Stay Away From Diversifying and Using Leverage

9. Buying Bottom, Selling Top is NOT Necessary

10. Make a Plan and Always Stick With It



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