Stock investing

Stock investing

28 Sep: Stock futures for September 28, 2020

Stock futures At 9:03 AM, ET time today the stock futures for the US stock market are having gains of more than 1.40% for all major stock indices. Dow Jones futures are up more than 380 points, Nasdaq futures gain more than 200 points. S&P Futures: 3,335.00,+47.75(+1.45%)Dow Futures: 27,426.00,+383.00(+1.42%)Nasdaq Futures: 11,345.25,+208.75(+1.87%)Russell 2000 Futures: 1,489.80,+22.60(+1.54%) Stock market data: Yahoo Finance

17 Sep: Biggest stock losers for September 16, 2020

BIGGEST STOCK LOSERS ON SEPTEMBER 16, 2020, US STOCK MARKET These are the biggest stock losers, top stock losers at the close of the US stock market on September 16, 2020. Stock market data: STOCK MARKET Daily posts about the US stock market, stock news, stocks, stock market news, stock market today, investing, and a stock market newsletter, with stocks to buy, stocks to sell.

05 Sep: Stock market news for September 4, 2020

Stock market news “Dow Jones Industrial Average falls 159 pointsThe Dow fell 159.42 points, or 0.6%, to 28,133.31. The S&P 500 dipped 0.81% to 3,426.96. The Nasdaq Composite slid 1.3%. Stocks gyrated wildly throughout Friday’s session as tech shares tried to recover from a massive sell-off in the previous session. The Dow was down more than 600 points at one point. All the major benchmarks fell for the week as tech shares declined. U.S. unemployment rate dropsThe U.S. unemployment rate fell to 8.4% last month from 10.2% in July, the Labor Department said. Economists polled by Dow Jones expected the rate to decline to 9.8%. As for overall jobs creation, employment in the U.S. grew by 1.37 million in August, topping an estimate of 1.32 million. “The jobs data today were solid,” said Jamie Cox, managing partner at Harris Financial Group. “However, now the real work begins. The next 2-3%…

05 Sep: Stock market investing marketing

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05 Sep: Stock market marketing and business

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05 Sep: Stock market be on 1st page on Google

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02 Sep: Stock market live today September 1, 2020

Stock market live today The US stock market is moving higher today. As of 2:42 PM, ET time today Dow Jones is up more than 300 points, Nasdaq is up more than 80 points and S&P 500 is up more than 40 points. Small-cap stocks underperform. S&P 500: 3,567.40,+40.75(+1.16%)Dow 30: 28,946.91,+301.25(+1.05%)Nasdaq: 12,021.42,+81.76(+0.68%)Russell 2000: 1,583.36,+4.78(+0.30%) Stock market data: Yahoo Finance

31 Aug: Stock market live today August 31, 2020

Stock market live today At 2:25 PM, ET time today August 31, 2020, the US stock market is moving lower, yet tech stocks advance higher as Nasdaq is up more than 100 points. Dow Jones is down more than 200 points. S&P 500: 3,507.35,-0.66(-0.02%)Dow 30: 28,428.77,-225.10(-0.79%)Nasdaq: 11,814.02,+118.39(+1.01%)Russell 2000: 1,567.83,-10.51(-0.67%) Stock market data: Yahoo Finance

28 Aug: Stock market today August 28, 2020

Stock market today A higher close today for the US stock market, with major stock indices advancing to new highs. Dow Jones gained more than 160 points, Nasdaq closed higher more than 70 points. Stock market today at the close S&P 500: 3,508.01,+23.46(+0.67%)Dow 30: 28,653.87,+161.60(+0.57%)Nasdaq: 11,695.63,+70.30(+0.60%)Russell 2000: 1,576.77,+12.21(+0.78%) Commodities At 4:18 Pm ET time today the crude oil price was lower but the gold price was higher. Crude Oil: 42.99,-0.05(-0.12%)Gold: 1,970.80,+38.20(+1.98%) Bonds The 10-yr bond yield closed at 0.7290-0.0170 (-2.28%). Stocks Stock movers today were Nutanix, Inc. (NTNX) closing at 28.03+6.33 (+29.17%) and Workday, Inc. (WDAY) with a stock price at the close of 243.88+27.25 (+12.58%). Stock market data: Yahoo Finance