22 Dec: RBC: These 3 Beaten-Down Stocks Are Ready to Pop

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RBC: These 3 Beaten-Down Stocks Are Ready to Pop. The stocks in this article are PagerDuty Inc (PD), Elastic (ESTC) and Cott Corporation (COT). It is the end of the fiscal year and many reports about stocks to buy, finance, money and investing appear on the financial news. So take any advice not as a recommendation about stocks to buy, stock trading, stock investing but as ideas to make your own financial research and financial analysis.

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Analyze daily the stock market graph, stock market chart and how stock market closed today. If you analyze the charts but focus also on the fundamental analysis of stocks then you will trade any financial instruments, stock marekt futures with more confidence. Whether you want to trade the Tesla stock, Apple stock, GE stock, Boeing stock do not get carried away by the financial news, always make your own due diligence. You increase the odds this way to make money online trading stocks. There is always the risk of losing money, but there are many stocks today with irrational valuation, and some prudent ways to make money is to read and analyze the financial statement of any company that you want and add it to your list called my stocks, the stocks that you are most interested in. Ask questions about any stock market newletter, for trading and investing.

08 Dec: Analysts: These Companies Will Be The Most Profitable In 2020


“It’s time to look forward to 2020 — as 2019 is ancient history for investors. And analysts are already forecasting which will be the most profitable S&P 500 companies in the new year.

S&P 500 companies are expected to earn $1.5 trillion as a group in 2020. ” Source: Investors

Stock market

Looking for stocks to buy?Profitability and valuations are always key metrics, other than stocks quotes, stocks charts. Some of the companies and stocks mentioned in this article are Apple (AAPL) and Microsoft (MSFT) as well as Alphabet (GOOGL). Stock market is a game, a costly one, with a lot of risk.Even penny stocks can be profitable.Stocks news,fundamentals are the first step for further due diligence about which stocks to buy, ir stocks to sell.

08 Dec: Beyond Meat, Inc. one of the hottest stocks in 2019 has crushed

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Beyond Meat, Inc. (BYND) closed at 76.22+2.56 (+3.48%) on Friday, December 6, 2019.Looking for stocks quotes, stocks to buy, stocks today, stocks news, stock market is interesting because momentum stocks often get crushed as soon reality about the fundamentals returns back and irrational exuberance is history.Looking at the financials of Beyond Meat, Inc there are two major drawabacks. The company is not profitable, with losses over the past three years, negative cash flows provided by operating activities, and negative free cash flows.

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Looking for stocks to buy, Beyond Meat, Inc. (BYND) was a very speculative bet as it reached a high of about 240, and now is at 76. Stocks news move prices. Stocks prices can move down when their valuation is just beyong the level of reality and logic.

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14 Oct: Defensive Stocks – What Are They And Why They Could Play An Important Role In Your Stock Market Portfolio


Defensive or non-cyclical stocks are stocks which are not highly correlated with the business cycles, have in general low volatility expressed as a low beta, and many times pay a dividend. A broader definition for defensive stocks is that they are stocks with relatively stable earnings, performing well mostly in periods of economic contraction or recessions. It is important to mention that defensive sectors are healthcare, utilities, and consumer staples. Commodities are another sector which can be considered a defensive sector including commodity goods such as coffee, oil, sugar.

One of the most important features about defensive stocks is that the tend to outperform in economic downturns and underperform in business cycles such as expansion. They are stocks of companies providing goods and services considered necessary on a daily basis, and therefore are the least likely to get influenced by changes in consumer spending habits in times of economic recessions.

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14 Oct: 2 Main Factors That May Spell Serious Trouble For FedEx


The company’s stock may face selling pressure in the future due to a most recent profit warning and amid worries of a global economic slowdown.

Shares of FedEx Corporation (NYSE:FDX) are currently trading near the 52-week low price of $142.49 and near the 3-year low of $147.82. On September 17, 2019, the company reported as expected the first quarter results for the year 2020. The explanation for this decline can be attributed to two significant factors, both of which could continue to add selling pressure for the stock.

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14 Mar: Boeing stock on focus due to latest news

Stock market update on Boeing

Shares of The Boeing Company (BA) closed at
377.14+1.73 (+0.46%) on March 13, 2019. The stock most probably will experience increased volatility after the recent news of the deadly accident and orders to ground the Boeing 737 Max 8&9 planes even in the US. The stock market will anticiapte the solution by Boeing.

Boeing technical analysis

Boeing daily stock chart
Boeing daily stock chart, Source:

The stock was pressured but still it is above the 200-day moving average.

On March 13, 2019 shares of Boeing witnessed volatility. This may continue until the company provides an official solution explanation.

17 Nov: Tesla Motors, Inc. Stock Fundamental Analysis

Tesla Motors, Inc. Stock Fundamental Analysis

Company Information
Name: Tesla Motors, Inc.
Sector: Consumer Discretionary
Industry: Automobile Manufacturers

Business Summary:

Tesla Motors, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and sells electric vehicles and energy storage products. The Company produces and sells two electric vehicles: the Model S sedan and the Model X sport utility vehicle (SUV).
Key Information:
Stock price close at 16th November 2016: $183.93
Market Cap: 27.57B
52 Week Range : $141.05 – $269.34
Beta: 1.14
PE Ratio (TTM): -29.09
EPS (TTM):-6.32
Tesla Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) is an electric car manufacturer with products such as Model S, which we love and would buy without any hesitation. Great car with fantastic design and technology. But it is another thing to like a company and its products and to like or not the company’s stock. Having a thorough fundamental analysis on Tesla’s stock what can we point out as strengths and weaknesses?

Fundamental Analysis

Income Statement:

We will perform stock fundamental analysis for 5 years, from 2011 to 2015 and also focus on latest quarters for 2016.Total revenues and gross profit have followed a huge increase. From $204 millions of revenues in 2011, Tesla earned 4046 millions in 2015.Gross profit followed an increase from $62 millions in 2011 to $ 924 millions in 2015. As Tesla invests in technology research and development expenses and selling general expenses have both increased significantly during this 5 years period. The net result is negative operating income for all 5 years, with a huge negative increase in year 2015 of -$714 millions compared to -$187 millions to 2014.Net income after taxes is negative for all 5 years, with year 2015 having the biggest negative number of the 5 years -$889 millions. The trend of diluted normalized EPS is negative also, no surprise here, following the same trend as net income. In 2015 the diluted normalized EPS was -$6.93, the lowest point for the 5 year period.

Balance Sheet:

While cash and short term investments have been increasing from $280 millions to $1197 millions in 2015, what is alarming is the increase of total debt over the 5 years. It has increased from $280 millions in 2011 to $2,696 millions in 2015.Each year the total debt follows an increase compared to previous year. While total equity shows also a large increase over the 5 years from $224 millions in 2011 to $1084 millions in 2015.

Cash Flow Statement:

Here we have an interesting trend for cash flows from operating activities and cash flows from investing activities compared to cash flows from financing activities. Cash flows from financing activities have showed an increasing trend, as the company issued stocks and debt and the net result was an increase of cash but for the same period cash from operating and investing activities has been negative. And free cash flow has been negative for 4 out of the 5 years, with year 2015 being at -$2159 millions showing a negative increase of about 110% compared with year 2014.

As mentioned before the company has negative EPS for all 5 years, with year 2015 having the highest negative earnings per share of -$6.93 for the period. While gross profit margin is positive for all 5 years it has shown a diminishing trend and is currently at +22.82% for year 2015.Net profit margin is negative for all 5 years, showing a great improvement from year 2011, but for year 2015 it is at -21.96% almost doubled from last year. ROE is negative for all 5 years, again showing an improvement from base year 2011 but for year 2015 it is at -82.00% compared to -32.25% for year 2014 a very negative performance.

Both current ratio and quick ratio have showed a declining trend for our 5 year period. Current ratio for year 2015 is at 0.99, it was 1.95 at year 2011, while quick ratio for year 2015 is at 0.54, it was 1.69 at year 2011. Debt / Equity ratio is very alarming as it has been increased significantly during these 5 years. It was 1.2504 at year 2011, it was 2.488 for year 2015.
Relative value analysis with industry:
Tesla Motors, Inc. has negative profit margin, ROE and interest coverage ratios compared to the relevant ratios of the automobile manufacturers industry. The industry has all 3 positive ratios. The company has a negative P/E ratio, while the industry a P/E ratio of 9.48.The company has a price/tangible book value ratio of 10.29 compared to the 1.84 price/tangible book value ratio of the industry.

The expected EPS growth rate for next 3-5 years is about 30%.Tesla Motors, Inc. had a recent EPS surprise of 112.28% on 26th October 2016, the first in last 4 quarters showing positive EPS of $0.14 compared to expected EPS of – $1.14.

Technical Analysis:

Tesla stock
Tesla stock

The stock has been in a downtrend and its recent price close of $183.93 on 16th November 2016 is below the daily moving averages of 50 and 200 days, which are currently at 198.75 and 212.48 respectively. Both moving averages show a declining trend. MACD is negative currently having a value of -4.746.Other indicators such as full stochastics for 14 days show an oversold condition being at 15.35.

We do not like the fact that Tesla has not showed profitability for last 5 years. It has a lot of debt which makes it a very risky stock. Until it shows a consistent profitability we cannot suggest to buy the stock. It seems extremely overvalued on a comparative value analysis with the industry it belongs. Unless fundamentals improve a lot and show not just once improvement but a long term improvement, our bias is to sell or go short the stock going with current declining trend.

Legal disclaimer and sources:
The author has not any current shares of the stock in his portfolio or intends to buy, sell any stocks of the company in the near future. This is an independent financial analysis with not any financial compensation from any source. Sources used are,, and yahoo finance.