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Fundamental analysis vs technical analysis my own experience for stocks

Invest in stocks

Which stock analysis is better, fundamental analysis or technical analysis to choose stocks to buy or stocks to sell?

Being a CFA charterholder I strongly support and start with fundamental analysis when analyzing stocks to byt, stocks to sell, investing in stocks. My financial analysis is based on analyzing trends about key financial metrics, profitability, liquidity, solvency, leverage, efficiency and valuation. A great stock if it is overvalued according to my financial analysis is not a great investment.

Technical analysis is very useful for trading and investing. But the main caveat of it is to simply buy or sell stocks based on the technicals ignoring the fundamentals. It is like buying a used car without any inspection at all. Yet, the stock market can be irrational, momentum stocks with poor fundamentals or a stock price that is excessive according to their intrinsic value can continue moving higher.

Stocks to invest in using fundamental analysis and technical analysis
Stocks to invest in using fundamental analysis and technical analysis

If there is a dilemma for stock investing, stock trading, the answer to me is straightforward. Starting from due diligence and fundamental analysis that is thorough and supportive for any stock can offer better risk-adjusted returns for stock trading, stock investing.

Fundamental analysis for stock trading

It takes time to analyze companies and their shares. But would you rather chase any stock and buy it risking to invest at the top? Investing takes risks into consideration all the time.

Technical analysis for stock trading

Can you time the stock market and individual stocks to buy or sell? I do not think so, but being also a trader I have seen that timing can become better if you use technical analysis, without meaning it is a 100% guarantee for success in trading. There are no guarantees in stocktrading, it is too risky.

Would you rather chase shares just because they are having a strong momentum? And ignore if they are shares of a profitable company or of an unprofitable company? In any case, a profitable company is a better choice not ignoring the valuation of its shares.




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