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Is the recent stock market coronavirus selloff a buying opportunity now

Stocks buying opportunity in this selloff?

An interesting article Has the coronavirus selloff created a stock-buying opportunity, or is it too early? Here’s what analysts and strategists are advising about stocks and whether they present now a buying opportunity after the recent selloff. In general in investing for the long-term you want to buy stocks at lower levels, and sell stocks when they have a decent return.Investing is not the same as trading, so in this respect the recent increased stock market volatility may be a good opportunity for selected stocks to buy.

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What analysts and investing firms are now saying about stock investing, stock trading:

“‘A call to ‘buy the dip’ is inherently a market-timing call and should be recognized as such.’— Corey Hoffstein, Newfound Research

‘It is too early to bottom fish in equities.’— BCA Research analysts

“We see little reason to assume markets have found a support level, despite the extreme levels of risk pricing and the potential for short-term bounces.’— Stuart Kaiser, UBS

‘Overall, the failure to make more of an effort off the lows is problematic, as is the rapid Decline in [the Dow Jones Transportation Average] along with Yields, the combination which has proven to have a downward Tug on prices.’— Mark Newton, Newton Advisors

Source: MarketWatch

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