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Options Market Overview February 21 2020

Options trading

Options market overview for the US stock market, February 21, 2020. There are many options trading strategies, but options are very risky financial instruments and derivatives, and can have huge losses, even losing the entire capital for traders and investors. They are derivatives suitable for investors with knowledge and eager to accept large amount of risk soa s to make a large return due to their leverage. It is highly advisable to search for options trading simulator and read some options trading books if you have never invested in options before. They can offer a larger return comapred to stocks, but they have also a higher risk. Make your research about stocks to buy or stocks to sell before deciding to trade options, call options or put options. If you hear that options trading is easy, it is not true. On the contrary due to risk and time decay options trading is too difficult.

Unusual Options Activity, US stocks

Unusual Options Activity, US stocks, February 21,2020
Unusual Options Activity, US stocks, February 21,2020

Stock market data: https://www.barchart.com/options

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