Stock futures for June 10, 2020

Stock futures today

At 8:35 AM, ET time today June 10, 2020, the stock futures for the US stock market are pointing to moderate gains at the open today. The latest stock futures update is as follows:

S&P Futures: 3,214.25,+8.75(+0.27%)
Dow Futures: 27,297.00,+33.00(+0.12%)
Nasdaq Futures: 10,028.00,+77.00(+0.77%)
Russell 2000 Futures: 1,508.10,0.00(0.00%)

Stock market data: Yahoo Finance

Economic news today

The stock market is waiting for the Federal Reserve Interest Rate Decision and the projections about the US economy later today. Both the decision and the comments about the state of the US economy can move stocks today.

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