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Investing in stocks | A workshop to learn investing in stocks

Is investing in stocks easy, tough, challenging, interesting, stressful, exciting?

I will run a workshop about investing in stocks. Why would you want to participate in this workshop about investing in stocks?

Investing in stocks
Investing in stocks

Investing in stocks workshop: Q&A

  • Is this workshop expensive? Is 2,000 EUR too much to learn from an investment professional how to avoid costly mistakes that can protect your portfolio from making bad investment decisions? Just avoiding one bad decision can pay off immediately.
  • “I’ve never heard of this brand/creator/business. How do I know if this is legitimate?” You can check my LinkedIn profile. I am a CFA charter holder. You can also check my performance on TipRanks. And read my articles about stocks on InvestorPlace.
  • “Do I really need to buy this? I don’t see how this can help me.”This workshop is both for inexperienced investors in the stock market and for experienced ones, as a step-by-step methodology helps you practice financial analysis immediately. Knowledge and self-confidence in picking quality stocks is priceless.
  • “This isn’t important to me right now.” If you have consistency in stock market investing, and profits are far more than losses then kudos to you. But if you are not consistent and do not follow a risk-reward ratio then becoming a consistently profitable investor should be a top priority for you.

What you will get with this workshop about investing in stocks

Here is a method that helps you analyze stocks easily and effectively. Get rid of picking the wrong stocks once and for all

What you’ll get with this stock market workshop:
Fundamental analysis, so you can pick great stocks
Analyzing key financial ratios, so you can choose only the stocks that fit some investment criteria, safe stocks
Valuation on a relative basis, so you can avoid buying overvalued stocks
What factors move stocks, so you can avoid the hustle or meme stocks
It is a 1-month intensive workshop both for new and sophisticated investors.

You will get twice a week live mentoring with me, and you will learn to prepare and analyze the “at least 5 reasons” methodology.
It is a way to present arguments based on facts, not emotions in stock trading.
You will learn to present at least 5 solid reasons, fundamental ones, that are in favor or not in favor of any stock. Why at least? The more the better but finding at least 5 reasons is a good start to start using a screener and be very picky.

Investing in stocks needs a system

If you are wondering these questions about stocks:
• Can stocks make you rich?
• Can stocks make you money?
• Can stocks keep going up?
• Can stocks be manipulated?
• What stocks to buy today?
• What stocks to invest in?
• Which stocks pay the best dividends?
• Why stocks go up and down?
• Why are stocks falling today?
Then this workshop about stock investing is for you.

Investing in stocks is not about following blindly any social media forums and meme stocks.
I cannot guarantee any returns about the stocks you will choose to apply what you will learn in this workshop about investing in stocks. And this is not investment advice either.

If you want guarantees about financial returns, then this workshop is not for you. But you will learn to be more confident, make better calls, avoid the hustle, and invest in value and growth stocks of companies that:
• Are profitable
• Are attractive and have very good fundamentals
• Are safe and will not go bankrupt any time soon
• Are not meme stocks and subject to pump and dump schemes
• Have strong trends in key financial metrics
• Have a good risk-reward ratio
• Build your own portfolio with confidence and based on solid investment criteria, not luck or guessing or wishful thinking
• Have the ability to outperform the stock market

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Legal Disclaimer:

This workshop about investing in stocks is not a workshop about stock picks and stock recommendations. I will not recommend any hot stocks, or stock picks. It is a workshop on fundamental analysis and how to develop a system to sort out bad stocks, overvalued stocks, and learn how to analyze the stock market to find your own stocks to invest in, based on investment criteria and solid facts, not opinions or rumors. A step-by-step system to learn what matters about selecting stocks that have quality, and value and can have growth too.

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The cost is a one-time fee of 2,000 EUR.