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Stock market commentary March 4 2020

Stock market

US stock market is up today. At 12:07 Pm, EST time all major stock market indices are up. Small-cap stocks are lagging in gains as Russell 2000 has the smallest daly gains so far.

S&P 500: 3,056.74,+53.37(+1.78%)
Dow 30: 26,449.14,+531.73(+2.05%)
Nasdaq: 8,818.64,+134.55(+1.55%)
Russell 2000: 1,495.80,+9.72(+0.65%)

Stocks are up but bonds are up too

Today there is still buying interest for bonds as the 10-Yr Bond is at 0.959,-0.051,-5.0495%. Vix is declining at 32.93,-3.89(-10.56%). This second consecutive day for the 10-yr bond yield being below the 1.0% level is signaling that investors are still worried and turn to safety, or have a risk-off sentiment. If investors and traders feel that a bottom may have be formed for stocks at these price levels, then the most likely scenario is to see US bond yields rally, and bond prices start declining. This scenario with rising stocks and declining bond yields to our financial analysis is rather a wait and see mode. The Fed made a bold move cutting the key interest rate yesterday, but it also sent a message that potential high levels or risk are present in the economy. And uncertainty is causing volatility in the stock market. Not all stocks rise today, and this is the logical scenario in investing. Speculative stocks with poor fundamentals are not stocks to buy, but stocks to sell.

Stock market data: Yahoo Finance



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