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Stock market news January 13 2020

Stock market news

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” The stock market could have its day of reckoning over the next few days if earnings don’t live up to investors’ optimism.

The US stock market is approaching a do-or-die moment as US companies struggle to live up to investors’ lofty expectations.
The market’s valuations have become stretched, creating near impossible growth expectations for 2020.
This week as earnings season kicks off, investors can get a sense of whether or not the market can keep going.
Warnings about a US stock market crash have been plentiful over the past month as several key events threatened to take down the bull market we’ve all grown to love.

Despite news of escalating tension between the US an Iran and ongoing impeachment proceedings in Washington, stocks have continued to march higher. But this week could offer a day of reckoning to fearless investors who’ve remained committed to their equities positions despite the troubling headlines. ” Source: https://www.ccn.com/preview-us-stock-market-rally-hinges-on-massive-week-ahead/

Stock market

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