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Stock market news March 20, 2020

US stock market news

Stocks closed at a 3-year low, as an early stock market rally faded and a selloff sent all major US stock market indexes lower at the close, more than 3.5%. Dow lost again the 20,000 level, down more than 900 points.

US stock market at close

  • S&P 500: 2,304.92,-104.47(-4.34%)
  • Dow 30: 19,173.98,-913.21(-4.55%)
  • Nasdaq: 6,879.52,-271.06(-3.79%)
  • Russell 2000: 1,013.89,-44.86(-4.24%)

Stocks biggest gainers

Viela Bio, Inc. (VIE) was among stock gainers with a stock price at close of
44.19+12.34 (+38.74%).

VIE daily stock chart
VIE daily stock chart

Stocks biggest losers

Avista Corporation (AVA) was among stock losers with a stock price at close of 36.16-10.35 (-22.25%).

AVA daily stock chart
AVA daily stock chart

Stock investing | Stock trading | Most active stocks

AT&T Inc. (T) was among the most active stocks with a stock price at close of 28.45-2.70 (-8.67%).

T daily stock chart
T daily stock chart

U.S. Sectors & Industries Performance

Energy was the best performing sector +0.96%, Utilities were the worst-performing sector -8.18%.

Stock market update

All data aboutĀ the stock market, stocks, stock investing, stock tradingĀ is taken from Yahoo Finance, Fidelity, and stockcharts.com.

This report is written by Stavros Georgiadis, CFA, Equity Research Analyst, Investment Strategist.


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