Stock market newsletter

US stock market newsletter

We have a weekly stock market newsletter focusing on US stock market and equities. Our financial analysis is about examing the fundamental analysis of stocks, providing advice on stocks to buy, stocks to sell or stocks to invest in.

Stocks – Stock investing

Our weekly stock picks are not about day trading. They are stock trading picks for a longer time period. We examine with due diligence the fundamental analysis of stocks, we mention a clear buy or sell advice and stop-loss, take profit target.

Stocks- Stock trading

Stock trading or stock investing is not easy.We also provide commentary on technical analysis so as to add value about the timing of buying or selling stocks.

Investment newsletter

Our stock market investment newletter has the following key features:

  • It is written by Stavros Georgiadis, CFA
  • It is unbiased
  • Its main audience is active investors looking for a thorough and deep understanding of financial analysis so as to buy or sell stocks, equities.
  • It is up to the point and written by an investment professional
  • It is a weekly stock market newsletter, so it is easy to read it and monitor the stock picks
  • We do not guarantee any returns.But we have a solid risk management and money management plan for stock trading and stock investing.We mention our preferable risk reward ratio.
  • We only analyze liquid stocks, equities trading on NYSE, Nasdaq,AMEX.Not any OTC or Pink Sheets.This means that our stock picks are suitable also for options trading.
  • The time horizon for our stock picks is from 6 months to 12 months, but any catalyst in the stock market such as earnings announcement means that the targets may be reached sooner than that.

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You can contact us at email: to subcribe to the stock investing, stock trading newsletter.The cost is 100 Euros per month. Check our LinkedIn profile.