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Stock market today April 1, 2020

US stock market today

A selloff was dominant today during the trading session, all major stock indexes fell more than 4%. Dow fell more than 900 points, the Russell 2000 index had the biggest losses of more than 7.0%. The latest update for the stock market today at close:

S&P 500: 2,470.50,-114.09(-4.41%)
Dow 30: 20,943.51,-973.65(-4.44%)
Nasdaq: 7,360.58,-339.52(-4.41%)
Russell 2000: 1,071.81,-81.29(-7.05%)

Stock market data: Yahoo Finance

Stocks today

Stocks that moved today, all stock quotes at close:

Mapfre, S.A. (MPFRF) stock was among stock gainers with a stock price of
1.7146+0.3846 (+28.92%). Carnival Corporation & Plc (CCL) stock was among stock losers with a stock price of 8.80-4.37 (-33.18%). Bank of America Corporation (BAC) stock was among most active stocks with a stock price of
19.80-1.43 (-6.74%).


10-Yr Bond yield: 0.6350,-0.0630(-9.03%)
Vix index: 56.50,+2.96(+5.53%)

The stock market selloff today is most probably caused by “The Trump administration warned that the coronavirus death toll in the U.S. could climb to 240,000.”. Also a warning about “very painful two weeks”, which has had its impact on risk-off in investing, stock trading.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Stock market

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