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Stock market today, April 23, 2020

Stock market today a flat close for major stock indexes

The US stock market closed almost flat today, giving up all of the previous gains during the trading session. Small-cap stocks gained interest today as the Russell 2000 closed higher more than 1.0% outperforming the three major stock indexes.

How stock market closed today April 23, 2020

S&P 500: 2,797.80,-1.51(-0.05%)
Dow 30: 23,515.26,+39.44(+0.17%)
Nasdaq: 8,494.75,-0.63(-0.01%)
Russell 2000: 1,214.06,+12.54(+1.04%)

Stock market news

United States Continuing Jobless Claims

“Continuing Jobless Claims in the United States increased to 15976 thousand in the week ending April 11 of 2020 from 11912 thousand in the previous week.”

Source: Tarding Economics

United States Continuing Jobless Claims
United States Continuing Jobless Claims

USD Continuing Claims (APR 11):
Actual: 15976k
Forecast: 17271k
Previous: 11976k

The economic data released today for the US job market show a clear negative trend. Although the actual figure for the US continuing job claims was better than the expected, it still was higher than the previous figure, and in an uptrend. As more people continue to file for unemployment benefits, the negative impact on the GDP will be higher. And with a severe drop of the GDP, and a possible recession risks are too high for stocks now.



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