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Stock market today July 14, 2020

A stock market rally today, Dow Jones gained more than 500 points

All major stock indices closed higher today for the US stock market. Earnings season has started with banks reporting second-quarter earnings. Dow Jones outperformed, gaining more than 500 points. Tech stocks underperformed today for a second consecutive day.

The US stock market today at the close

S&P 500: 3,197.52,+42.30(+1.34%)
Dow 30: 26,642.59,+556.79(+2.13%)
Nasdaq: 10,488.58,+97.73(+0.94%)
Russell 2000: 1,428.26, +24.69(+1.76%)


At 5:18 PM, ET time today the crude oil price was higher, but gold price was lower.

Crude Oil: 40.44,+0.34(+0.85%)
Gold: 1,812.90,-1.20(-0.07%)


At 5:22 PM, ET time today the 10-yr bond yield was at 0.6150,-0.0250 (-3.91%).

Stocks today that moved on earnings reports

Delta Air Lines, Inc. (DAL) stock closed lower more than 2% at 26.11-0.71 (-2.65%).

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) stock closed marginally higher at 98.21+0.56 (+0.57%).

Shares of Citigroup Inc. (C) closed lower more than 3% at 50.15-2.05 (-3.93%).

Shares of Wells Fargo & Company (WFC) closed lower more than 4%, closing at
24.25-1.16 (-4.57%).

Stock market data: Yahoo Finance



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