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Stock market today June 9, 2020

Stock market today closes lower, Dow Jones today fell 300 points

After the stock market rally yesterday, perhaps some profit-taking today led the major stock indices lower. Tech stocks outperformed today with Nasdaq composite index closing marginally higher, very near to the 10,000 price level. During the stock trading session, today Nasdaq composite index at some point was higher than the 10,000 points making a new 52-week high.

Stock market close today

S&P 500: 3,207.18,-25.21(-0.78%)
Dow 30: 27,272.30,-300.14(-1.09%)
Nasdaq: 9,953.75,+29.01(+0.29%)
Russell 2000: 1,507.92,-28.97(-1.89%)

Stocks today

Some stocks that moved today were:

Vroom, Inc. (VRM) stock surging in its public trading debut today, with a stock price of 47.90+25.90 (+117.73%).

Fangdd Network Group Ltd. (DUO) stock gaining more than 300%, having a stock price of 47.06+37.44 (+389.19%).

Immuron Limited (IMRN) stock surging more than 800%, with a stock quote of
20.00+17.80 (+809.09%).

Immuron Limited (IMRN) stock chart

Immuron Limited (IMRN) stock chart
Immuron Limited (IMRN) stock chart

All stock quotes, stock prices at the close today.

Stock market data: Yahoo Finance


At 4:19 PM, ET time today June 9, 2020 both the oil price and gold price were higher.

Crude Oil: 38.79,+0.60(+1.57%)
Gold: 1,720.00,+14.90(+0.87%)


The 10-Yr Bond yield at 4:21 PM, ET time today was at 0.8290,-0.0550(-6.22%)



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