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Stock market today March 25, 2021

Stock market today March 25

A higher close for the US stock market today. How did the stock market do today? Small-cap stocks outperformed, tech stocks lagged. The closing numbers for the US stock market today are as follows.

S&P 500: 3,909.52,+20.38(+0.52%)
Dow 30: 32,619.48,+199.42(+0.62%)
Nasdaq: 12,977.68,+15.79(+0.12%)
Russell 2000: 2,183.12,+48.86(+2.29%)

Stock market data: Yahoo Finance

Stock market today March 25 News

“Stocks rose for the first time in three days on Thursday, with the three major indexes shaking off earlier declines to push into positive territory.

The Dow gained nearly 200 points, or 0.6%, after dropping by as many as 350 points earlier in the session. The Nasdaq higher after shedding 2% on Wednesday amid another day of selling for technology shares.

U.S. crude oil prices gave back some gains after spiking 5% on Wednesday, though a massive container blocking passage in the Suez Canal continued to plug the significant trade artery for another day, weighing on oil supplies.

Traders digested additional remarks from Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, who spoke on NPR’s Morning Edition Thursday morning.

Powell doubled down in his assertion that the Fed remained strongly committed to targeting 2% average inflation over time, and said that any eventual pullback in Fed support would be done “gradually over time, and with great transparency.”

However, some investors have been skeptical that the Fed will resist adjusting its monetary policy positioning in the face of higher inflation this year. Though Powell and other Federal Open Market Committee members have advocated a “patient” stance that favors leaving accommodative policies in place during the recovery, the specter of much greater-than-expected inflation this year remains on the table.

“This will be the first time that every country in the world is emerging from recession simultaneously. And the Fed and other policymakers are banking on this idea that it’ll be a relatively short strain on supply chains but eventually, things get up and running again and you can get the input components to where they’re most needed,” Tim Quinlan, Wells Fargo senior economist, told Yahoo Finance.

“But I think one of the under-appreciated risks is the scope for this to create more of an inflation shock in the short-run than they’re banking on right now.”

Stock market source: Yahoo Finance



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