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Stock market today May 19, 2021

Stock market today

The US stock market fell today, but losses were trimmed at the close. Dow Jones fell 164 points, Nasdaq closed flat and S&P 500 fell 12 points. How did the US stock market close today?

S&P 500: 4,115.68,-12.15(-0.29%)
Dow 30: 33,896.04,-164.62(-0.48%)
Nasdaq: 13,299.74,-3.90(-0.03%)
Russell 2000: 2,193.64,-17.24(-0.78%)

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“Stocks paced toward a third straight day of declines, with technology shares leading the way lower as concerns over inflation persisted.

The Nasdaq underperformed, and the index opened lower by more than 1.5% before paring some losses. The S&P 500 and Dow were also off sharply. Cryptocurrencies sold off, with bitcoin (BTC-USD) sinking more than 17% to trade below $38,000, or the lowest level since February, and ethereum (ETH-USD) plunging 21% to below $3,800. The moves lower extended a recent bout of volatility and were exacerbated after the People’s Bank of China doubled down on its stance that cryptocurrencies could not be used for payments.

Leadership in equity markets has see-sawed between cyclical and value stocks and technology shares, as investors consider prospects for a strong economic rebound, but also the possibility that the pick-up in activity generates a surge in inflation that ultimately weighs on the recovery. So far this month, those concerns have won out and dragged on the indexes, with the S&P 500 down 1.3% for May-to-date and the Nasdaq down 4.7%.

“We’ve been telling our clients that we’re probably entering a period where there’s going to be increased chop going forward,” Matt Orton, Carillon Tower Advisors, told Yahoo Finance. “We’ve had a pretty extreme rotation from growth into value. We’ve seen fits and starts of rotating back into the growth.”

“Now investors need to digest what could potentially be happening with inflation,” he added. “But what we like to remind folks is that as we move sideways, any sort of meaningful downside you see should be used opportunistically, because earnings have been strong, guidance from companies has been incredibly strong going forward. The economy is starting to accelerate as we reopen. So there’s a lot of reasons to continue owning equities, and it’s all about having a game plan.”

Stock market data: Yahoo Finance



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