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Stock market today October 4, 2021, live update

Stock market today

At 12:15 PM ET time today the US stock market is declining with selling pressure on all three key stock indexes. Nasdaq underperforms and Dow Jones, although losing about 340 points is outperforming.

DOW: 33,988.68,-337.78 (-0.98%)

S&P 500: 4,297.32,-59.72 (-1.37%)

NASDAQ: 14,239.53,-327.17 (-2.25%)

Stock market data: Money MSN

Stock market news

“What’s driving markets
A selloff was taking shape on Monday, with markets succumbing to pressure in technology an tech-related stocks. Notably, the S&P 500’s communication services sector SP500.50, -2.61% was off 2.8%, led by Facebook Inc., and the technology sector SP500.45, -2.48% was off 2.8%.

The market has been under increasing pressure, with developments centered on those in Washington, D.C., where negotiations on infrastructure spending and social spending have failed to achieve a resolution. According to The Wall Street Journal, Democrats were debating whether to reduce proposed programs or cut their duration to shave down the $3.5 trillion size of the social spending proposal.”

Stock market data: MarketWatch



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