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Stock market today September 24, 2020

Stock market today

The US stock market managed to reverse losses today and closed marginally higher. Dow Jones gained 52 points, Nasdaq gained 39 points and S&P 500 closed almost 10 points higher. These are the numbers for the stock market today at the close.

S&P 500: 3,246.59,+9.67(+0.30%)
Dow 30: 26,815.44,+52.31(+0.20%)
Nasdaq: 10,672.27,+39.28(+0.37%)
Russell 2000: 1,451.82,+0.36(+0.02%)

Stock market data: Yahoo Finance

Stock market news

“The Labor Department’s weekly jobless claims report showed that another 870,000 workers filed new unemployment claims, slightly above Wall Street’s estimates but below the psychologically key 1 million water mark that’s become critical in the post-coronavirus lockdown jobs market. All told, the data shows how workers are continuing to struggle in an economy that’s healing in fits and starts.

“The labor market losses are stunning in that they show there isn’t enough work out there yet in the middle of September nine months after the Covid-19 virus shut the economy down,” Chris Rupkey, chief business economist for MUFG Union Bank, said in an email Thursday. “The stock market is falling again over the concerns for the economy as well they should because the high-level of joblessness shows that country isn’t out of the woods yet and it won’t be if the pleading of Fed officials for more stimulus isn’t heard by Federal government officials down in Washington.”

Source: Yahoo Finance

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