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Stock market today update for June 9, 2020

Stock market today news

The US stock market is declining today, Dow Jones is down more than 200 points. At 1:16 PM ET time today, June 9, 2020, the US stock market latest update is as follows:

S&P 500: 3,212.84,-19.55(-0.60%)
Dow 30: 27,362.67,-209.77(-0.76%)
Nasdaq: 9,967.31,+42.57(+0.43%)
Russell 2000: 1,505.16,-31.74(-2.07%)

Stock market data: Yahoo Finance

Today the small-cap stocks outperform at the time of this stock market update, an indication given for this by the stock futures.

Stocks today

Some stock movers today are Apple Inc. (AAPL) with the latest stock price of 343.92+10.46 (+3.14%), and IZEA Worldwide, Inc. (IZEA) with a stock quote of
1.9199+0.6599 (+52.373%).
Date as of 1:20 PM EDT. Stock market open.

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