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Stock market update for May 5, 2020

Stock market today is rallying

At 11:30 AM, ET time today, May 5, 2020, all major stock indices are up more than 1.5%. Dow is up more than 380 points. This is the current stock market update:

S&P 500: 2,892.13,+49.39(+1.74%)
Dow 30: 24,135.15,+385.39(+1.62%)
Nasdaq: 8,872.13,+161.41(+1.85%)
Russell 2000: 1,294.10,+30.13(+2.38%)

Stocks today

Wayfair Inc. (W) stock is gaining more than 20%, with a stock price of 162.41+28.30 (+21.10%). Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. (NCLH) stock falls more than 18%, with a stock price of 11.75-2.69 (-18.63%).
Stock quotes ss of 11:33 AM EDT. Market open.

Trading and Investing

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