Stock market update today May 27, 2020

Stocks today

A choppy trading session today for the US stock market. At 2:35 PT, ET time the US stock market has gains, and tech stocks declining before have now pared losses. The stock market update as of this time is:

S&P 500: 3,014.22,+22.45(+0.75%)
Dow 30: 25,321.83,+326.72(+1.31%)
Nasdaq: 9,351.66,+11.44(+0.12%)
Russell 2000: 1,425.93,+32.86(+2.36%)


Crude Oil: 32.83,-1.52(-4.43%)
Gold: 1,711.30,+5.70(+0.33%)

Stock market source: Yahoo Finance

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