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Stock trading most common mistakes

Stock trading

How does a stock trader or equity trader become successful in trading stocks? There are many mistakes to be made especially related to stock trading for beginners. The most common mistakes to stock trading are:

  • Not having a trading plan
  • Not applying a risk management or money management system
  • Switching to various stock trading apps and not get focused on trading
  • Think that stock trading is easy
  • Not reading several stock trading books, not taking a few stock trading courses
  • Do not try for free for some time a stock trading simulator
  • Chase stocks and stock prices
  • Think that penny stock trading is more profitable than other stocks
  • Ignore the fundamentals of any stock
  • Apply only technical analysis
  • Think that making money in stocks is a simple process, ignoring risk
  • Not booking profits when buying stocks, or selling stocks
  • Not having a good risk/reward ratio for all trades
  • Trying to catch tops and bottoms

Stock trading involves risk and a lot of stress

Yes stock trading, stock investing can be exciting when making money in stocks. But some of the common mistakes above make stock trading a very risky business activity. Stock market today tumbles, and trying to catch the actual bottom for stock prices now is too risky.Investing needs a plan.



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