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Stock trading top tip

Stock trading

There are many stock trading tips, stock investing advice for prudent trading and not just gambling or speculating. Whether you trade the stock market, the forex market or any other financial market, our stock trading top tip is : do not chase the market.

Stock trading fomo effect

The fomo effect (fear or missing out) when trading stocks, equities amplifies in almost all cases bubbles in financial assets, and prices get disconnected from their fundamentals. Take for example the Tesla stock, today it is up to 942.31+83.91 (+9.78%). The reason is that some analyst hiked its priced target. This is not the best time to trade the Tesla stock as a huge rally has already taken place.It is too risky. If you add the fact that Tesla stock to our financial analysis is way too overvalued, then this game trading stocks like Tesla is just speculation.

Stocks to buy, stocks to sell

There are always opportunities about stocks to buy, stocks to sell. The fomo effect is too dangerous and is a behavioral bias in investing and trading. Apply risk management, fundamental analysis and use technical analysis to buy stocks with good fundamentals which are undervalued, sell overvalued stocks, or do not just get carried away buying stocks because they move up, for no obvious reason, not a catalyst or something related to financial results and performance.



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