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06 Jun: Coronavirus Markets for June 5, 2020

Coronavirus Markets Investing US stock market. There are many stocks to monitor, stocks to invest in, stocks to buy and stocks to sell. But during 2020 several stocks have gained special attention, the so-called coronavirus stocks, for investing and trading. Coronavirus stocks “As coronavirus spreads through the global economy, CNN Business is tracking the stocks, sectors and indicators most impacted, in real-time.” Cornovarirus stocks or stay-at-home stocks. There are also work from home stocks, airline stocks, stocking-up stocks, hotel stocks, cruises, concerts & theme park stocks, gaming stocks, biotech stocks, prevention stocks, oil stocks, potential vaccine stocks. Check these coronavirus stocks by visiting the following stock market source:

04 Jun: Airline stocks surge today June 4, 2020

Stocks today that move, AAL, DAL, UAL Airline stocks have significant gains today, June 4, 2020. There is news about these stocks moving higher. “Shares of American Airlines Group Inc. were headed for a record gain on Thursday, to lead a broad rally in the airline sector, after the carrier said it was boosting capacity amid increasing signs that the worst of the COVID-19-related crisis was over. The stock AAL, 42.02% rocked 45% in afternoon trading, which puts on track for the biggest one-day percentage gain since it started trading in its current form in December 2013. That would pass the previous record rally of 35.8% on March 24, in anticipation of the passage of a government bailout package.” Stock market source: At 3:31 PM, ET time today American Airlines Group Inc. (AAL) stock is up more than 40%, at 16.93+5.08 (+42.87%). Delta Air Lines, Inc. (DAL) shares rise…

03 May: Warren Buffett’s company Berkshire Hathaway is not betting on airline stocks

Airline stocks have taken a beat during the coronavirus crisis, Warren Buffett says it was a big mistake buying them “Warren Buffett has gotten Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A, BRK-B) out of the airline business. During a virtual address to shareholders for the company’s annual shareholders meeting Saturday, the chairman and CEO called Berkshire’s recent purchase of roughly 10% of four of the world’s largest airlines — including American (AAL), United (UAL), Delta (DAL) and Southwest (LUV) — an “understandable mistake. “But the companies we bought were well managed.  They did a lot of things right. It’s a very, very, very difficult business because you’re dealing with millions of people every day and if something goes wrong for 1% of them, they are very unhappy,” Buffett added. Source: Reasons to buy or sell stocks “The world has changed,” said Warren Buffett. One of the main catalysts to buy stocks or sell stocks is the fundamental…