25 Apr: Stock market news for April 24, 2020

Stock market news “Stocks close higher, but snap weekly winning streakUS stocks ended the session sharply higher on Friday, but the three major indexes recorded weekly losses, snapping a two-week winning streak. The driver behind that underperformance was the oil market carnage at the start of the week, which dragged the stock market down with it. But finishing in the green on Friday is a hopeful sign for the week ahead. If investors were nervous about weekend headlines about the coronavirus and the economy, stocks would have likely closed down for the day, as was the case in many weeks since the outbreak began, experts said. The Dow closed up 1.1%, or 260 points. For the week, the index fell 1.9%.The S&P 500 finished 1.4% higher, for a 1.3% weekly loss.The Nasdaq Composite closed up 1.7%, and slipped 0.2% for the week.” Source: How the US stock market closed on April 24, 2020 S&P 500: 2,836.74,+38.94(+1.39%)Dow 30: 23,775.27,+260.01(+1.11%)Nasdaq: 8,634.52,+139.77(+1.65%)Russell 2000: 1,233.05,+18.99(+1.56%) Stocks gainers Mesoblast Limited (MESO): 15.45+9.00 (+139.53%) ORIC Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ORIC): 25.77+9.77 (+61.06%) Microbot Medical Inc. (MBOT): 9.20+2.98 (+47.91%) Stocks losers Amira Nature Foods Ltd. (RYCE): 13.09-5.91 (-31.11%) Azul S.A. (AZUL): 7.30-1.53 (-17.33%) Interpace Biosciences, Inc. (IDXG): 5.0000-0.8900 (-15.11%) Most active stocks General Electric Company (GE): 6.26-0.26 (-3.99%) Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (INO): 14.59+2.56 (+21.28%) Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD): 56.18+0.28 (+0.50%) Stock market source: Stock Market, U.S. Sectors & Industries Performance Information Technology was the best performing sector +2.11%, Energy was the worst-performing sector +0.21%. Source:¬† Stock market update All data about the stock market, stocks, stock investing, stock trading is taken from Yahoo Finance, Fidelity, and Investing Check this link for stock trading.