14 Apr: Stock market news April 13, 2020

Stock market news “US stocks slid on Monday in their first day of trading after the S&P 500 completed its best weekly gain since 1974.Investors mulled heightened uncertainty heading into earnings season.JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, and Johnson & Johnson are among the firms set to announce their first-quarter results on Tuesday. They’ll offer a preliminary look at how hard the coronavirus outbreak is hitting corporate profits. US stocks slid on Monday as investors mulled upcoming earnings reports set to detail the extent of the coronavirus outbreak’s hit to corporate profits. The S&P 500 entered the session fresh off its best week since 1974.” Source: How the US stock market closed on April 13, 2020 S&P 500: 2,761.63,-28.19(-1.01%)Dow 30: 23,390.77,-328.60(-1.39%)Nasdaq: 8,192.42,+38.85(+0.48%)Russell 2000: 1,210.34,-36.39(-2.92%) Stock market data: Yahoo Finance Stocks gainers Contact Gold Corp. (CGOL) stock was among stock gainers with a stock price of 0.0700+0.0698 (+34,900.00%). Stocks losers Ayala Land, Inc….