14 Mar: Stock market news March 13 2020

Stock market news, US stock market, March 13, 2020 It is not common to see a 10% drop in one day and a 9% rise the following day for the US stock market. Still it happened. US stocks surged on Friday, March 13, 2020 after Trump declared virus emergency. “Wall Street shares rallied on Friday after US President Donald Trump declared the coronavirus outbreak a national emergency, freeing up money to fight the spread of the disease. As the president spoke, the three main US indexes jumped more than 9%.” Source: How stock market, US stocks closed on Friday, March 13, 2020-Financial and business news S&P 500: 2,711.02,+230.38(+9.29%) Dow 30: 23,185.62,+1,985.00(+9.36%) Nasdaq: 7,874.88,+673.07(+9.35%) Russell 2000: 1,210.13,+87.20(+7.77%) Bonds 10-Yr Bond: 0.9510,+0.1020(+12.01%) The Vix index closed at 57.83,-17.64(-23.37%) in a very volatile week for stock trading, stock investing and the US stock market. Stocks biggest gainers CVR Energy, Inc. (CVI) was among stocks biggest gainers with a stock price at close of 20.80+5.56 (+36.48%). Stocks biggest losers NWS Holdings Limited (NWSZF) was among stocks biggest losers with a stock price at close of 0.7000-0.7500 (-51.72%). Stock investing | Stock trading | Most active stocks Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) was among most active stocks with a stock price at close of 158.83+19.77 (+14.22%). U.S. Sectors & Industries Performance All sectors closed higher with the stock market rally gaining momentum at the close of the trading session. Financials was the best performing sector +13.23%, Utilities was the worst performing sector +5.55%. Stock market Source: Stock market update All data about stock market, stocks , stock investing, stock trading is taken from Yahoo Finance, Fidelity, and This report is written by Stavros Georgiadis, CFA , Equity Research Analyst, Investment Strategist.