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US stock market futures update February 18 2020

US stock market futures

As of 5:14 AM EST time US stock market futures point to a lower open today for the stock market. This is the latest stock market update:

S&P Futures: 3,363.50,-17.50(-0.52%)
Dow Futures: 29,223.00,-172.00(-0.59%)
Nasdaq Futures: 9,543.75, -88.50(-0.92%)

We may see a sell-off for stocks, mainly tech stocks today based on stock market futures.

Stock market news

“Stocks broadly fell on Tuesday after Apple (APPL) warned that the impact of coronavirus would cause it to miss sales targets and constrain the supply of its flagship iPhone devices.

The company said on Monday that it did not expect to meet its second-quarter revenue guidance, pointing to supply chain issues and lower Chinese demand.” Source:

Stock market news today February 3 2020

Stock market news

Latest stock market news, stock market update, February 3, 2020:

Stock market futures

US stock market futures as of 5:19 AM EST time point to a higher open today for the stock market. The S&P Futures are at 3,235.75,+11.75(+0.36%),Dow Futures are at 28,278.00,+82.00(+0.29%),Nasdaq Futures are at 9,035.00+37.25(+0.41%).

Stock market data: Yahoo Finance