US Stock Market News December 18 2019

Stock market today

Stock market news, December 18, 2019. The US stock market closed little changed for the second consecutive day. This is the summary for US stock market at close on Wesnesday, December 18, 2019:

  • S&P 500: 3,191.14,-1.38(-0.04%)
  • Dow 30: 28,239.28,-27.88(-0.10%)
  • Nasdaq: 8,827.73,+4.38(+0.05%)
  • Russell 2000: 1,661.73,+4.17(+0.25%)

Stocks today

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Stocks biggest gainers

Steelcase Inc. (SCS) was among stocks biggest gainers closing at
22.21+3.13 (+16.40%).

SCS daily stock chart | stocks | stock market

Stocks biggest losers

FedEx Corporation (FDX) was among stocks biggest losers closing at 146.86-16.37 (-10.03%).

FDX daily stock chart | stocks | stock market

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Ford Motor Company (F) was among most active stocks closing at 9.54+0.15 (+1.60%).

F daily stock chart | stocks | stock market

U.S. Sectors & Industries Performance

Real Estate was the best performing sector +1.33%, Industrials was the worst performing sector -0.50%.

Stock earnings calendar

Notable earnings today, stocks to watch are Nike (NKE).

Stock market update

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This report is written by Stavros Georgiadis, CFA Equity Research Analyst, Investment Strategist.

2 Main Factors That May Spell Serious Trouble For FedEx


The company’s stock may face selling pressure in the future due to a most recent profit warning and amid worries of a global economic slowdown.

Shares of FedEx Corporation (NYSE:FDX) are currently trading near the 52-week low price of $142.49 and near the 3-year low of $147.82. On September 17, 2019, the company reported as expected the first quarter results for the year 2020. The explanation for this decline can be attributed to two significant factors, both of which could continue to add selling pressure for the stock.

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