28 Jun: Stock market report June 27 2019

US stock market report June 27 2019 The US stock market ended mosthly higher on Thursday June 27 2019. Only Dow 30 ended the day flat. This is the summary for US stock market at close on Thursday June 27 2019: S&P 500: 2,924.92,+11.14(+0.38%) Dow 30: 26,526.58,-10.24(-0.04%) Nasdaq: 7,967.76,+57.79(+0.73%) Russell 2000: 1,546.55,+28.78(+1.90%) 10-Yr Bond: 2.0050,-0.0440(-2.15%) Vix: 15.82,-0.39(-2.41%) Stocks gainers The Howard Hughes Corporation (HHC) was the stock with largest gains closing at $131.25+$38.66 (+41.75%). Stocks losers Rolls-Royce Holdings plc (RLLCF) was the stock with largest losses closing at $0.0001-$0.0009 (-90.00%). Stock investing – Most active stocks Caesars Entertainment Corporation (CZR) was among the most active stocks closing at $11.66+$0.04 (+0.34%). Stock market data All data about stocks , stock investing is taken from Yahoo finance and stockcharts.com. Stocks to buy or sell – stock market newsletter We have a stock market newsletter covering the US stock market. Contact us for more on stock investing and US stocks.