19 May: Stock market news May 17 2019

US stock market summary May 17 2019 US stock market closed lower on Friday, May 17 2019 after 3 consecutive days of gains.Stocks fell again with news on trade war between US and China. Summary of US stock market at close on May 17 2019: S&P 500:2,859.53-16.79(-0.58%) Dow 30:25,764.00-98.68(-0.38%) Nasdaq:7,816.28-81.76(-1.04%) Russell 2000:1,535.76-21.48(-1.38%) 10-Yr Bond : 2.3930-0.0120(-0.50%) Vix: 15.96+0.67(+4.38%) Stocks gainers Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. (LGF-A) was the stock with largest gains closing at $15.60 +$2.00 (+14.71%). Stocks losers Rogers Corporation (ROG) was the stock with largest losses closing at $142.04-$30.82 (-17.83%). Stock investing – Most active stocks Ambev S.A. (ABEV) was among the most active stocks closing at $4.0500-$0.0900 (-2.17%). Stock market news What’s the main driver for the stock market: trade, earnings or the Fed? 4 Reasons The Stock Market’s Troubles Have Only Begun Stock market data All data about stocks , stock investing is taken from Yahoo finance and stockcharts.com. Stocks to buy or sell – stock market newsletter We have a stock market newsletter covering the US stock market. Contact us for more on stock investing and US stocks.