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Stock screener 4 Utilities stocks with a high dividend yield

Stock screener Utilities stocks

There are economic risks for the stock market and stocks with recent Covid-19 cases spike in US states and globally. The stock screener today is about stocks that are in the Utilities sector making them defensive stocks in any upcoming stock market selloff. These stocks are not stocks to buy or stocks to sell, and we suggest further financial analysis before investing in stocks.

Stocks based on our investment criteria

There are 4 stocks today using the stock screener and the following investing rules:

  • Stocks must have a high dividend yield of at least 10%.
  • Stocks must have a low P/E of no more than 9.
  • The stocks are in the Utilities sector

The stocks that meet these criteria and their stock prices, stock quotes at the close of June 26, 2020, are:

  • Enterprise Products Partners LP (NYSE:EPD): 17.63 -0.51 -2.81%, dividend yield 1.78 (10.10%), P/E ratio 8.36
  • Companhia Paranaense de Energia COPEL (NYSE:ELP): 11.16 -0.61 -5.18%, dividend yield 0.58 (10.58%), P/E ratio 8.36
  • Enable Midstream Partners LP (NYSE:ENBL): 4.79 -0.25 -4.96%, dividend yield 0.66 (13.80%), P/E ratio 6.45
  • CNX Midstream Partners LP (NYSE:CNXM): 6.69 -0.38 -5.37%, dividend yield 1.28 (19.19%), P/E ratio 2.72.

Stock screener searching for undervalued stocks

Stock screener for June 29, 2020
Stock screener for June 29, 2020

This free stock screener is searching for stocks that are undervalued, in the US stock market, having a very attractive dividend yield and a low P/E ratio compared to the average P/E ratio of the S&P 500 index. The current S&P 500 PE Ratio is 21.57 as of June 26, 2020.

Stock market data:

There are numerous free stock screeners and paid stock screeners to analyze stocks for investing and trading. We do not own any of these stocks as of June 29, 2020. The stock market is closed as of 6:45 AM, ET time today June 29, 2020.

Are there stocks with P/E less than 1 now?

Stocks with a very low P/E

Value investing suggests that a low P/E is a first indication that a stock may be undervalued, so choosing stocks with a low P/E ratio is a good start to add them to your list of stocks to buy, stocks to buy today with further due diligence. Are there stocks with very low P/E, for example, stocks with a P/E of less than 1? For investing and trading purposes, the answer is yes.

Stocks to invest in

A stock screener can provide a lot of stocks to invest in. So we run a stock screener about stocks today and we found the following stock with a PE Ratio (TTM) of only 0.08.

iHeartMedia, Inc. (IHRT): stock price at the close on May 1, 2020:6.74-0.28 (-3.99%).

iHeartMedia, Inc. (IHRT) stock has a 52 Week Range 0f 4.31 – 19.69. Some key facts about this stock are:

EPS (TTM): 89.62

Market Cap: 450.295M

Avg. Volume: 712,898

Sector: Communication Services
Industry: Broadcasting

iHeartMedia, Inc. (IHRT) stock chart

iHeartMedia, Inc. (IHRT) stock chart
iHeartMedia, Inc. (IHRT) stock chart

Looking only at stock prices is not enough for investing or trading. A trend analysis for this stock shows that net income for the fiscal years 2018, 20217 and 2016 was -201,910, -393,891, -296,318 respectively. But TTM net income is positive at 100,701 (All numbers in thousands).

Stock market data: Yahoo finance