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20 Apr: Stock market update for April 20, 2020

US stock market is falling but oil prices have literally crashed falling more than 70% At 1:22 PM, Monday, April 20, 2020, the US stock market latest update is the following: S&P 500: 2,852.13,-22.43(-0.78%)Dow 30: 23,936.00,-306.49(-1.26%)Nasdaq: 8,642.77,-7.37(-0.09%)Russell 2000: 1,227.67,-1.43(-0.12%) Stock news The financial news today is that oil prices have crashed, falling more than 70%. Major US stock market indexes are declining, Nasdaq and Russell 2000 are almost flat. The latest oil prices are:Crude Oil: 5.43,-12.84(-70.28%) Still, energy stocks do not fall a lot. The Chevron Corporation (CVX) stock is at 85.29-1.88 (-2.16%), and the Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM) stock is at 41.88-1.34 (-3.10%). Financial management Read an interesting article about financial management.