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14 Jun: Options trading videos to learn how to trade options

Options trading system How do options work in trading? Is Options Trading Better Than Stocks? Is Options Trading a good idea? How much money do you need for options trading? If you are interested in stock options trading there is a course called option income system. Truths about options trading and stock trading As mentioned on the option income system website some truths about the stock market, stocks, and options trading. “For stocks that ONE Absolute Truth is this… 1) All stocks fluctuate in price. For options there are two Absolute Truths… 1) All options fluctuate in price and2) All options expire.” Options trading as a real business If you are interested in options trading, stock options trading, check this options trading cource.

14 Jun: Simple options trading alerts

Options trading alerts Options trading, stock options trading is not for everyone, as options have a lot of risks, and investing in options can result in losing all of your capital, as they can expire without having any value. There are many options trading strategies, and we recommend an options trading simulator to try several options trading examples. If you want to buy options, call options, or put options then check these options trading alerts. Options trading alerts change according to the stock market direction The stock market and stocks can go up, down, or sideways. Investing, options trading must adapt to these trading conditions.

14 Jun: Binary options trading signals

Binary options trading Trading binary options is very risky. Bots Room Has Been Around For Over 6 Years And Is The Community Everyone Uses For Strategy Development For Options And Forex. With Market Veterans With Over 20 Years Of Experience. Binary options trading explained “A binary option is a financial product where the buyer receives a payout or loses their investment, based on if the option expires in the money. Binary options depend on the outcome of a “yes or no” proposition, hence the name “binary.” Binary options have an expiry date and/or time.” Source: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/binary-option.asp#:~:text=A%20binary%20option%20is%20a,expiry%20date%20and%2For%20time. If you think that binary options trading is suitable for your acceptance of risk then check binary options trading signals. Any financial market, the stock market has a lot of risk.

07 Jun: Options market overview for June 5, 2020

Options market Equity options, call options, put options, stock options market overview for June 5, 2020. Stock trading and stock options trading are both risky. Further financial analysis for these stock options and stocks is suggested before any trading. Last update on Sunday, June 7, 2020, stock market closed. Stock market data: Barchart

29 Mar: Option Volume Leaders March 27, 2020

Options trading The highest option volume strikes showcase the most bought and sold options of the day. The information about the volume of these options can be further used to analyze stocks to buy, stocks to sell, taking into consideration both volume and open interest. Use the data for the option chain, put option, call option, strike price, of these stock options to make better informed investing decisions. Stock market data: Barchart.com Investing Check this link if you are interested in trading

23 Mar: How to protect your stocks using options as a hedging strategy

Stock trading hedging with options The stock market today is expected to open lower based on the stock futures about 2 hours before today’s trading session. With the stock market crash and selloffs for stocks, it is time to protect your portfolio. Investing is about risk management and risk, plus volatility is now at extreme levels. A hedging strategy is important for trading and investing. Especially now, as global stock markets decline trying to find the bottom and stocks have lost a significant amount during the past weeks. Hedge your risks using options “Hedging strategies are used by investors to reduce their exposure to risk in the event that an asset in their portfolio is subject to a sudden price decline. When properly done, hedging strategies reduce uncertainty and limit losses without significantly reducing the potential rate of return. Usually, investors purchase securities inversely correlated with a vulnerable asset in their portfolio. In the event of an adverse price movement in the vulnerable asset, the inversely correlated security should move in the opposite direction, acting as a hedge against any losses. Some investors also purchase financial instruments called derivatives. When used in a strategic fashion, derivatives can limit investors’ losses to a fixed amount. A put option on a stock or index is a classic hedging instrument.” Source: https://www.investopedia.com/articles/optioninvestor/07/affordable-hedging.asp Investing Check this link for stock trading.

20 Mar: Stock market update, March 20, 2020

US stock market moves lower after an initial rally All major US stock market indexes move lower as of 2:44 PM, Friday, March 20, 2020, Eastern Time (ET). This is the latest stock market update: S&P 500: 2,347.56,-61.83(-2.57%) Dow 30: 19,567.20,-519.99(-2.59%) Nasdaq: 7,035.22,-115.36(-1.61%) Russell 2000: 1,041.01,-17.74(-1.68%) Crude Oil: 19.84,-5.38(-21.33%) Gold: 1,483.60,+4.30(+0.29%) Stocks continue to be volatile 10-Yr Bond: 0.9270,-0.1920(-17.16%) Vix: 61.88,-10.12(-14.06%) As bond prices move in the opposite direction of yields, investors push the price of bonds higher, seeking safety in investing and trading again. The fact that today is a quadruple witching day most probably increases the volatility in stock trading, stock investing. Trading and Investing Check this link for stock trading.