US stock market update February 24 2020

Stock market update

US stocks tumble as coronavirus fears shake the financial markets today. As of 11:00 AM EST time this is the latest stock market update:

S&P 500: 3,249.58,-88.17(-2.64%)
Dow 30: 28,195.23,-797.18(-2.75%)
Nasdaq: 9,278.26,-298.33(-3.12%)
Russell 2000: 1,629.15,-49.45(-2.95%)

US bond yields continue to decline

The US 10-yr bond yield is at 1.372-0.099(-6.7301%). VIX index has spiked at 23.12+6.04(+35.36%).


Crude Oil is at 50.93-2.45(-4.59%). Gold is at 1,676.30+27.50(+1.67%).


Some of the trending stocks today in the US stock market are :

  • Apple Inc. (AAPL) 299.59 -13.46 -4.30%
  • Gilead Sciences, Inc. (GILD) 72.93 +3.23 +4.63%
  • Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) 172.37 -6.22

Stock market data: Yahoo Finance

Stock market news today February 24 2020

Stock market news February 24, 2020

Latest stock market news, stock news, US stock market news:

Stock market futures

As of 7:10 AM, Monday, February 24, 2020, US stock market futures are down, pointing to seeling presure today for stocks.

S&P Futures: 3,260.75,-78.50(-2.35%)
Dow Futures: 28,270.00,-711.00(-2.45%)
Nasdaq Futures: 9,203.50,-254.50(-2.69%)
Russell 2000: 1,678.61,-17.46(-1.03%)

Stock market data: Yahoo Finance

Stock market update February 21 2020

US stock market update

US stock market news, stock market today as of 1:40 PM,Friday, February 21, 2020. Stocks move lower as all major US stock market indices have losses. This is the latest stock market update:

S&P 500: 3,334.49,-38.74(-1.15%)
Dow 30: 28,950.68,-269.30(-0.92%)
Nasdaq: 9,581.25,-169.71(-1.74%)
Russell 2000: 1,684.05,-12.01(-0.71%)


Some stocks that move today are Dropbox, Inc. (DBX), at 22.92+4.20 (+22.44%) and First Solar, Inc. (FSLR) at 50.53-8.79 (-14.82%).

Stock trading top tip

Stock trading

There are many stock trading tips, stock investing advice for prudent trading and not just gambling or speculating. Whether you trade the stock market, the forex market or any other financial market, our stock trading top tip is : do not chase the market.

Stock trading fomo effect

The fomo effect (fear or missing out) when trading stocks, equities amplifies in almost all cases bubbles in financial assets, and prices get disconnected from their fundamentals. Take for example the Tesla stock, today it is up to 942.31+83.91 (+9.78%). The reason is that some analyst hiked its priced target. This is not the best time to trade the Tesla stock as a huge rally has already taken place.It is too risky. If you add the fact that Tesla stock to our financial analysis is way too overvalued, then this game trading stocks like Tesla is just speculation.

Stocks to buy, stocks to sell

There are always opportunities about stocks to buy, stocks to sell. The fomo effect is too dangerous and is a behavioral bias in investing and trading. Apply risk management, fundamental analysis and use technical analysis to buy stocks with good fundamentals which are undervalued, sell overvalued stocks, or do not just get carried away buying stocks because they move up, for no obvious reason, not a catalyst or something related to financial results and performance.

Virgin Galactic’s stock soars today but ends up giving most of its gains

Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. (SPCE) Stock

“Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc <SPCE.N> shares surged 24% on Tuesday, extending a rally since early December to over 400% and evoking a warning from an analyst who likes the space tourism company but warns it has become overbought.

Shares of the company backed by billionaire Richard Branson have taken off in popularity among individual investors in recent sessions, nearly displacing Tesla Inc <TSLA.O>, another favorite among non-professional investors.” Source:

Virgin Galactic stock chart

Virgin Galactic stock chart
Virgin Galactic stock chart

When stocks move in such a way, there is momentum, and often it is not news or any fundamentals. We suggest extreme caution to this Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. (SPCE) stock rally.

The daily range today for the stock was 28.75 – 38.67 was 28.75 – 38.67, and Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. (SPCE) stock made a new 52-week high at 38.67.

Virgin Galactic Frenzy Starting to Look a Little Like Tesla Run

“(Bloomberg) — A seven-day surge in Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. has lifted the stock four times above its level in December. Gains are snowballing, options traders are piling in, chatrooms are lighting up. It’s all starting to look similar to another space-age growth stock’s recent run.

Though the company is just a fraction of Tesla Inc. in terms of market value, the frenzy around its shares is similar. The average increase in Virgin’s share price has totaled more than 9% since last Monday, and double-digit rallies have been propagating.” Source:

Stock market news today February 18 2020

Stock market news – Stock market today

Latest stock market news, stock trading, stock investing, business and financial news for today, february 18, 2020:

US stock market update February 18 2020

US stock market

At 11:38 AM Tuesday, February 18, 2020 this is the US stock market update:

S&P 500: 3,358.60,-21.56(-0.64%)
Dow 30: 29,146.20,-251.88(-0.86%)
Nasdaq: 9,688.03,-43.15(-0.44%)
Russell 2000: 1,679.56, -8.02(-0.48%)
Crude Oil: 51.44,-0.61(-1.17%)
Gold: 1,607.60,+21.20(+1.34%)


Apple Inc. (AAPL) stock is trading lower at 316.57, -8.56,-2.63% today.

Stock market data: Yahoo Finance

US stock market futures update February 18 2020

US stock market futures

As of 5:14 AM EST time US stock market futures point to a lower open today for the stock market. This is the latest stock market update:

S&P Futures: 3,363.50,-17.50(-0.52%)
Dow Futures: 29,223.00,-172.00(-0.59%)
Nasdaq Futures: 9,543.75, -88.50(-0.92%)

We may see a sell-off for stocks, mainly tech stocks today based on stock market futures.

Stock market news

“Stocks broadly fell on Tuesday after Apple (APPL) warned that the impact of coronavirus would cause it to miss sales targets and constrain the supply of its flagship iPhone devices.

The company said on Monday that it did not expect to meet its second-quarter revenue guidance, pointing to supply chain issues and lower Chinese demand.” Source:

Kroger stock soars after Buffett’s investment

Kroger stock news

“Kroger Co.’s stock soared in after-hours trading Friday following the disclosure that famed investor Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate has made a huge investment in the supermarket giant’s stock.

Omaha, Neb.-based conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway bought a new position of 18.9 million shares of Kroger (NYSE: KR) stock during the fourth quarter, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing late Friday. It didn’t own Kroger stock before last quarter. That stake was worth $549 million at year-end and represents 2.4% of Kroger’s stock. That makes Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-A) the seventh-largest owner of Kroger shares, according to Kroger’s investor relations listing on its website.”


Kroger stock chart

KR daily stock chart
KR daily stock chart

Tesla stock may be set for another volatile day today

Tesla stock news

Two very important news about Tesla stock today:

The pre-market trading for the Tesla stock as of 9:02 AM EST time shows the stock is trading at 744.11 -23.18 (-3.02%).

Stock market data: Yahoo Finance