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15 Oct: Stock market today October 15, 2020

stock market today A lower close for the US stock market, with the exception of Russell 2000, as small-cap stocks outperformed and closed higher 16 points. Dow Jones was flat. At the close today the stock market report: S&P 500: 3,483.34,-5.33(-0.15%)Dow 30: 28,494.20,-19.80(-0.07%)Nasdaq: 11,713.87,-54.86(-0.47%)Russell 2000: 1,637.66,+16.01(+0.99%) Commodities At 4:15 PM, ET time the crude oil price was marginally lower, and gold price was slightly higher. Crude Oil: 41.01,-0.03(-0.07%)Gold: 1,911.10,+3.80(+0.20%) Bonds The 10-yr bond yield closed at 0.7310+0.0090 (+1.25%). Stock market data: Yahoo Finance