08 Oct: TalkMarkets and stock market

TalkMarkets stock market analysis TalkMarkets is a social financial platform that allows each user to have his or her own unique interests and preferences. It has many features that are very useful for stock market traders and investors. Some of the trading and investing features on TalkMarkets are: Technical analysis Posts Videos Stock market commentary Podcasts TalkMarkets is an optimized platform to share investment ideas There is a ton of financial information each day to read and analyze. There are two options to register at TalkMarkets. Either register as an investor with the ability to monitor and track stocks of your preference, or register as a leader and a contributor providing articles and financial analysis. An investor can search which stocks and content to read either by sector, asset class, topic or format. On the dashboard any registered user can customize the symbols and content that are more interesting and important. Also to follow contributors and read suggested articles of interest. Portfolio and stocks monitoring The portfolio section allowsyou to manage your email preferences to receive instant, daily or weekly email alerts on the stocks you follow. Social and my network sections are more interactive and you can invite friends to join TalkMarkets or manage your connections and followers. TalkMarkets stock market education center There is a very detailed education center with many topics and videos. Education on trading essentials and investing essentials is very important for any stock market trader or stock market investor. You can read our articles on TalkMarkets as we are also a contributor. Here are two of our latest articles:–equities/defensive-stocks-what-are-they-and-why-they-could-play-an-important-role-in-your-stock-market-portfolio?post=236261&uid=110798–equities/2-main-reasons-that-may-spell-serious-trouble-for-fedex?post=235867&uid=110798 Join TalkMarkets for customized financial content related to stock market.