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02 Mar: US stock market update March 2 2020

US stock market A battle between sellers and buyers today, with momentum favoring stocks to buy, rather than stocks to sell. As of 3:10 PM, Monday, March 2, 2020 Eastern Time (ET) this is the latest US stock market update: S&P 500: 3,017.56,+63.34(+2.14%) Dow 30: 26,094.02,+684.66(+2.69%) Nasdaq: 8,741.60,+174.24(+2.03%) Russell 2000: 1,489.54,+13.11(+0.89%) Commodities Crude Oil: 46.71,+1.95(+4.36%) Gold: 1,596.20,+29.50(+1.88%) Bonds Treasury Yield 10 Years (^TNX) is at 1.0800-0.0470 (-4.17%). Stock market commentary Vix is declining today at 36.85,-3.26(-8.13%). Therer is still a mometum to buying bonds as the 10-yr bond yield is down more than 4% today, one hour before the close of the stock market trading session. Small-cap stocks are not in favor, as Russell 2000 index is a laggard today gaining only about 0.7% comapred to the 2% gains of all other major US stock market indices. The stock market rally is a pause to the previous week’s sell-off, but it is too early to claim that a bottom has been made. It couls be a short squeeze today in the stock market. Trending stocks Forty Seven, Inc. (FTSV) is gaining today and is at 93.74+35.74 (+61.62%) as the company is examining a buyout offer made by Gilead Sciences Inc.(GILD). “Gilead to Buy Forty Seven for $4.9 Billion for Cancer Drug”, Source: Stock market data: Yahoo Finance

01 Mar: Stocks 52-Week New Lows February 28 2020

US stocks that have matched or made a new 52-Week Low during Friday, February 28, 2020 Stock market data: Stocks A contrarian approach about stocks making news 52-week lows is that they are cheap. Be cautious as there may fundamental reasons behind this fall, and cheap stocks may get even cheaper. These tocks may be stocks to sell, not stocks to buy. A thorough fundamental analysis is suggested before deciding to put these stocks on your list for stock trading, stock investing. US stock market has made a very steep correction the previous week, opportunities and risks about stocks remain elevated with the increased volatility.

01 Mar: Stocks 52-Week New Highs February 28 2020

US stocks that have matched or made a new 52-Week High during Friday, February 28, 2020 Stocks Stocks that make a new 52-week high are often stocks that move on news or momentum, and can be analyzed to be either stocks to buy or be a contrarian and put them to the list of stocks to sell. They present further stock analysis and opportunities for stock trading, stock investing. US stock market got a severe selloff the previous week, so these stocks may have a story behing them. Stock market data: