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Tesla stock rises above 900 level

Tesla stock news

Tesla stock as of 1:42 PM EST time is trading at $922, having made an ew 52-week high at $940.13.

Tesla stock trading

There is a huge rally about Tesla (TSLA) stock, ongoing but extreme caution is required. Fomo trading or fomo investing (fear of missing out) is too dangerous when trying to pick stocks to buy or stocks to sell. What are the fundamentals of the stock? There are many negative fundamental ratios and trends about Tesla stock.

Tesla stock and fomo trading

Here are some news about Tesla stock:

The huge rally is not sustainable as there are concerns about the valuation of Tesla stock. Yes trading and gambling is another story, and stock market is not rational at all times, and short selling the Tesla stock has not worked well at all lately. But a rally in any stock needs to have catalysts. Our opinion is that Tesla stock is extremely overvalued.



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