Urban One stock price irrational exuberance

Urban One, Inc. (UONE) stock price has made an impressive rally, but caution is suggested

Urban One, Inc. (UONE) stock closed at 25.00+12.29 (+96.70%) on June 18, 2020. The performance for Urban One stock is impressive:
5 Day: 1,555.63%
1 Month: 1,949.18%
3 Month: 1,522.85%
YTD: 1,137.07%
1 Year: 1,070.41%

What drove the UONE stock higher?

An article that explains this irrational exuberance about Urban One stock, UONE stock mentions the key factors to this stock price surge:

“Sometimes It All Comes Down to the Float
Let’s look at how float — and price psychology and social media — led to big moves in Urban One this week.”


Urban One stock fundamentals

A look at the financials for the Urban One stock shows a flat trend for the 5-year revenue growth, an increae for the net income, EPS that have plunged in 2019 to $0.02 per share compared to $3.01 per share in 201, a surge in short-term debt and positive free cash flows.

Source: MarketWatch

But having a look at latest EPS (TTM) they are negative at -$0.43 per share.

With no major financial news and losses for the trailing twelve months, the stock price surge for Urban One stock requires a lot of prudence. Stocks to buy or stocks to sell move according to speculative trades and now UONE stock seems to attract a lot of speculators. Investing is different than speculating.

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