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US stock market futures point to another selloff today March 9, 2020

Stock market futures

US stock market may open again significantly lower at the open of the first weekly trading session today, March 9, 2020. Stock futures point to a lower open for US stocks, over 4% for all major US stock market indices. As of 4:24 AM,Monday, March 9, 2020,Eastern Time (ET) this is the latest stock market futures update:

S&P Futures: 2,819.00,-145.00(-4.89%)
Dow Futures: 24,534.00,-1,255.00(-4.87%)
Nasdaq Futures: 8,093.25,-410.00(-4.82%)


Crude Oil is down over 25%, currently at 30.78, -10.50(-25.44%) and gold is at 1,681.80,+9.40(+0.56%).


Will 10-yr bond yield move lower today? On Friday, March 6, 2020 the 10-yr bond yield closed at 0.7060.Chances are that probably it will trend lower, as investors and traders turn to safe assets, and have for now a preference for risk aversion.

Stock market data: Yahoo Finance

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