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US stock market technical levels to watch March 12 2020

US stock market technical analysis

Technical analysis for today, Pivot points for US stock market indices:

The following Pivot points may act as strong levels of support and resistance for stock trading, stock investing today, March 12, 2020.

Stock market indices pivot points, March 12, 2020
Stock market indices pivot points, March 12, 2020


The S3 support level for Dow 30 today is 22901.76 points. The S3 support level for S&P 500 today is 2692.92 and for Nasdaq 100 the S3 support level is 7748.21. Stocks may bounce off these lows today, as another selloff is likely according to stock futures. At extreme pivot points for today S3 support level there could be trading opportunities for stocks to buy, and at extreme R3 level stock trading may favor stocks to sell.

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