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Why have I decided to take the Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program?

Digital marketing
Digital marketing

We live in a digital era. Everything we do today has technology embedded in it. From working remotely or working online, to ordering food or shopping online. And within this digital era what happens when you want to start your own online business?

There are many sources online and many things to consider when deciding to start an online business. It is not easy, and you can get lost in tons of free information and even pay tons of money for things that do not work. But they work for digital marketers and brands. They need to sell their products and services online. But how do you sell your products or services when deciding to start an online business? And how do you find leads, customers, make sales? Early on you may think that starting a blog or creating a website will be enough to be a successful entrepreneur. The money will start pouring in. But what is the difference between making any sales at all and making a successful multi-millionaire business? In short, the answer is digital marketing and branding. There is too much competition online, and to succeed you need to be a digital marketer. Have the right tools.

I decided to take the Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program to cover the needs of persons who want to invest in stocks and lack the right knowledge, or do not have enough time. Or get lost in the news, too much noise. They need independent and unbiased investment advice. Investing can be tedious, can be fun, and can be rewarding. But it is also risky. And there too many websites online that compete with my niche, the investment and financial market.

So what should I do?

I believe the Digital Marketing Nanodegree program is the right answer to all my marketing needs. I will use the knowledge and tools to become a digital marketer. And become an authority in my sector and field. Combining digital marketing with my desire to succeed as an online business owner is a mix I am willing to give it all to make it a success.



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